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Recent past services

May 14th Chris Kelly

The Divine Dance of the Bee and the Creator

“My talk is centered around Psalm 24.

The Key verse is 24:1 The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of.

We are going to look at how nature, bees in particular, declare the richness of our creator.”

His Promise Land Apiaries is a sustainably managed bee operation in Mattituck.

April 23rd Rev. Ben Bortin

Conflict Without Incivility

Conflict is natural, even inevitable among us human beings. We have diverse opinions politically, religiously, culinarily, and in a thousand other ways. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle claimed that marriages, in fact, are tested less over religious and political differences, than whether a window is to remain open at night.

April 9th Rev. Ben Bortin

Passover, Easter and the Promise of Hope

As we are well aware, Passover and Easter are religious holidays of central and abiding significance to Judaism and Christianity respectively, and up to a point, to the wider world. Each conveys a spirit of re-awakening, even as nature awakens from the winter. Each, as well, offers inspired lessons which transcend religious and cultural boundaries.Their stories differ. But both Passover and Easter give a message of hope to an often-beleaguered humanity.

March 26th Rev. Ben Bortin

The Spirituality of Vincent Van Gogh

The expression and appreciation of creativity is one of the most potent sources of spirituality. Once in a while, the work of a creative genius becomes a light to the world. So it was with Vincent Van Gogh.

An exploration and celebration of the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh.

March 12th Tijuana Fulford

The Aftermath of Tragedy

"Resilience can only be clarified by tragedy, for it is the sum total of how you held up and persevered through the storm we call life".

February 26th Rev Ben Bortin

Langston Hughes - The Poet, The Man, The Message (with Jazz Backup)

A look at his life, his poetic inspiration, his liberal religious convictions, and his larger message. 

A few of his poems will be read with jazz accompaniment.

February 12th Serena Martin-Liguori New Hour for Women and Children

"Healing, A Community Exercise in Justice"

[View Recorded Service Below]

We often think of healing as something personal and solitary. Yet, the ways in which we can expand beyond our instilled beliefs, our judgement and even our expectations of what should be, is through community and our relationship to it. True, transformative justice focused on healing with and through our sense of community.

January 22nd  Rev. Ben Bortin

A UU Look at the Bible

How might Unitarian Universalists, and how might any who honor the inquiring mind, evidence-based knowledge, and the freedom to doubt, regard the Bible?

January 8th  Rev. Ben Bortin

Jesus and Dr. King

It's in between Jesus' alleged birthday, and that of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In essential ways, those two religious figures, separated by two thousand years, mirror one another in their teachings, their moral courage, and their inspired examples.

December 24th  Christmas Eve Service

Rev. Ben Bortin and    Rev. Valerie Freseman

The North Fork Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and the First Universalist Church of Southold shared service.

A celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah; live music from both traditions, a candle-lighting ceremony and refreshments following the service.

We hope you’ll join us for our worship services: 10:30 followed by coffee in the hospitality room.

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